Lack of Household Professionals in Hungary


There is a huge problem with the lack of craftsmen in Hungary for anyone who has recently planned painting, electrical installation or tiling their homes.

KSH (Central Statistics Office) data illustrate the gravity of the situation: in the second quarter of 2019, two-thirds of the 55,000 jobs, advertised by companies with more than 5 employees, were looking for a craftsman. It also turned out that the available workforce has high wage requirements, while there is a lack of adequate workforce and many of them are under-qualified.

Waiting multiple months for a professional painter, paver or any other professional causes a huge problem all over Hungary. The BKIK (Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is working on finding a solution, and the results of their research “Demand for vocational training” also confirm the data of the Central Statistics Office.

This revealed that one in three businesses in the Hungarian capital suffers from a shortage of labour. The biggest problem for companies in Budapest is that there are no job applicants at all, and if there are, they either have high wage requirement or are undereducated.

Another problem for newcomers to the craft industry is that they often have no idea what certain crafts look like in practice. Many of the newly graduated professionals start working abroad.

Finding New Manpower Sources

One of the aims of the BKIK Handicraft Department is to promote and support as many professions as possible. Their aspects include ensuring matching of supply and demand in the labour market. Sándor László, president of the department reported that they are trying to help to find potential recruits through various career orientation events.

Experience shows that generational differences are one of the main causes of labour shortages, as companies are often not prepared for the technological innovations that young people want to work with.



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