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At Tower International we provide property services to landlords, investors and tenants in Budapest. Tower is a well-established company with over 50 staff in 3 offices and 15 years of experience‎ in meeting the needs of local and international clients‎. We are dedicated to deliver a professional, quality service, respecting our customers along the way.


Tower Staff
Tower Staff
Tower Staff
Michael Patkai

Michael Pátkai Founder, Director

Michael heads the company's marketing and sales operations. His responsibilities include Property Sales, Lettings, Property Management Acquisitions and Commercial Leasing. Michael’s visionary and entrepreneurial leadership has helped Tower to maintain its market leading position.

Martin Szikora

Martin Szikora Founder, Director

Martin leads Property Management, Investment Sales and Luxury Rentals. His experience with multinational companies like Vodafone helped positively ‎shape Tower's corporate identity. Beside his strategic directorial role, Martin also plays a central role in Quality Controlling, Coaching and Human Resource Management.

Krisztina Németh

Krisztina Németh Property Sales Partner

Krisztina is a Property Sales and Lettings Partner of Tower International. She has an unrivalled experience in dealing with international landlords and tenants.

Robert Lángos

Róbert Lángos, MRICS Property Management Operations

Robert is a well-experienced and qualified property professional. He oversees a group of 20 ‎in Tower's property management department. His duties include tenant screening, Rental Reviews and Quality Controlling.

Krisztán Cornides

Krisztián Cornides Finance Director

Krisztian completed his studies at the prestigious Budapest University of Economics. As a certified Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser he heads a team of 15 finance staff. With clarity and a high command of English, Krisztian is well positioned to communicate and explain the financial aspects of property investments in Budapest.

Zoltán Gyöngyösi

Zoltán Gyöngyösi Commercial Leasing Partner

Zoltan is a partner of Tower's commercial leasing division. With many years experience and a client centered, professional approach, he has successfully rented offices ‎in Budapest to many Fortune 500 companies.

András Cornides

András Cornides Property Investments Partner

Andras has a degree in economics and Property Valuations, and speaks English and Spanish fluently. He has serviced hundreds of international property investors who are looking for investment opportunities in Budapest. His experience includes managing a development building sale of 13.5 million EUR.

Bálint Makki

Bálint Makki Marketing Manager

With over 7 years experience in Property Management and Marketing, Balint manages Tower's communication and advertisements strategy.

Anikó Zsuppán

Anikó Zsuppán Landlord Account Manager

With close to 10 years experience in Property Management and Customer Care, Aniko offers immediate assistance to our clients. The many satisfied clients' testimonials testify to her friendly and professional approach.

Márta Róna

Márta Róna Landlord Account Manager

Marta has been with the company for over 8 years. She also has a client-centered and hard-working attitude ensuring fast and intelligent communication with Tower's client base.

About Tower International

  • 1000 properties managed
  • 98% occupancy on managed stock
  • 10+ years experience
  • Range of services - from purchase to re-sale
  • Over 90% foreign owned properties
  • Experienced, multi langual staff

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Client Testimonials

"We saw at the calculations and we did not find any divergence, everything is good for us, we agree. I would like to express our deepest appreciation for what you have done for us Kinga. Thank you so much for all the support that we had of you in all the time. I wish you all the best for you and one happily new year!"

Sante Prymo

"Thanks again for your professional service"


"Whenever I send a query email around my rental you are always really prompt and helpful in replying and clear up any concerns I have in finance or any other matter. I have a very busy lifestyle and you make my life so much easier taking care of the rental."


"I am so immensely pleased with your company and services. Professional and quick replies, and a lot better than the company for my previous apartment."


"Tower has always been very professional in its service which is why I recommended you before to a friend of mine."


"I have received an email from my tenant. In it she tells me that she is very happy with the service from Tower and would like to extend the contract."


"I just wanted to let you know that my friends and I had an amazing experience working with Tower International. The process was smooth and effective, and I would definitely recommend this agency to others."


"Thank you for all your help over the last while and your hard work in selling both of my properties in the present economy."


"The detailed replies that you have sent to me relating to my many questions, myself and my wife have found them to be most informative. The use of English is first class, and your company seems to be very professional, so we have decided to go with you in renting the apartment."


"With love and honor will I be waiting for you, Tower Family."


"Everything was OK and both Eric and me are happy about the Tower property service :) Hope to meet you another time."