Cleaning prices rose by 25% because of labor shortage


20% of cleaner jobs are vacant in Hungary.

Labor shortage causes problems currently in Hungary in many different areas. The phenomena reached the cleaning industry too where 20% of the jobs are currently vacant. Many people work abroad (in the UK, Germany, Ireland, etc.) where salaries are higher and other sectors absorb the workforce too.

Professional cleaning service is an ongoing need of government institutions, office buildings, hotels and last, but not least, the real estate business – short and long term rentals too. Once a tenant moved out besides handyman works a thorough cleaning is one of the most important steps to make the apartment ready for rent again.

In the neighbouring country, Austria, a cleaner earns even 2-3 times more than in Hungary. Because of the lack of labor, cleaner salaries are rising along with service charges… Cleaning companies charge 20-25% more for the service compared to the prices of 2-3 years before. The shortage of manpower can be seen from the number of companies: 650 cleaning companies have disappeared from the market since 2013.

Source: Világgazdaság


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