Lack of Specialists in Budapest


The Hungarian labor market is struggling with a great deal of shortage in plumber, gas-fitter, electrician and maintenance workers, but other fields of skilled worker areas are in none better position. This not only increases the installation costs but also the waiting time; in many cases it takes 3-4 months, or even more, to find a specialist in the installation work. The two main reasons for the lack of skilled workers are that they took a job abroad and that there is no recruitment.

According to seniors, there are no classic teachers to recruit new skilled workers layer, so we cannot really talk about replenishment. However, if there were enough teachers, the situation would not be any better, as many young people do not want to become skilled workers or do manual work for a living.

And current professionals are so burdened that while they are constantly working, they still have to turn down a lot of work. On average, craftsmen could do 70 percent more work if there were enough people to work with. However, many people take on a job even if they do not have the capacity to finish them or employ people who would be immediately replaced if there were any chance to find better.

There is no better position in the construction industry, where contractors are in competition to attract workers by offering them better salaries. Workers are clearly required to be notified, and they are in a position to decide on their wages. Another difficulty is that a lot of contractors are forced to cancel many orders because they cannot complete them. In one year, orders worth 600 billion forints fall out of the construction industry due to down-turned orders.

So it's easy to understand why you need to wait a few weeks for a simple installation, or even months, and why an hour that a mechanic spends at us costs so much.



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