This is How the Prices of Classical and Newly Built Homes May Change in the Coming Months


New data show that the market of newly built and used apartments has a more favorable future than the previous three months would have suggested it. The improvement primarily affects the agglomeration of the capital, but Budapest is in an optimistic mood as well. The housing market index in the capital assesses the market situation based on the expectations of real estate companies and the residents, and it has achieved almost 4 points increase compared to last quarter.

Changes in house prices show a slight increase in Budapest and its neighborhood: a price increase of around 6 percent can be expected. This is also confirmed by real estate companies whose expectations about the next one year are truly positive.


Diagram: Housing market index of Budapest, blue line – apartments; red line – realty (source: GKI)


Diagram: Blue lines – those who certainly will purchase or build; red lines – those who will probably purchase or buy (source: GKI)

For home improvement and upgrading, 15 (this is the proportion of “likely” respondents) and 7 (this is the proportion of those with a “firm intention”) index points more were measured than in the previous quarter.
In terms of home purchase or construction, those who are sure to launch a project in the next year 7, while among those who are likely to start a project 15 index points increase was measured.



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