Sky’s the Limit! Budapest is Among the top 5 Fastest Developing Tourist Towns


Each year, Mastercard compiles a ranking that compares the most visited cities by tourists based on the number and expense of foreign visitors. According to a report for last year, Budapest's popularity is growing - foreigners love to spend time with us.

Although we do not reveal the fact that Budapest is not the most visited city in the world (this address is owned by Bangkok, London and Paris), it is among the most expanding five European destinations. This means that the number of visitors and the sums they spend is growing year by year.

According to the Mastercard survey, the annual growth rate of Budapest is 8.6%, which has preceded such big cities as Amsterdam, Berlin or Moscow. According to data, last year visitors paid over $ 1 billion in Budapest, nearly 15% of which was spent on paying accommodation. Most spend on restaurants and shopping. And how many people spent this much in Budapest? - 3.7 million tourists visit the capital of Budapest and enjoy unique attractions, excellent food and outstanding hotels in Budapest.
Because it's worth spending time in Budapest.



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