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Hungary Receives Positive Media Coverage on its bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games


The biggest international media covered very positively the tender of the Hungarian Olympic and Paralympics Games for 2014.

On Tuesday Budapest presented plans with presentations and films on the meeting organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Doha, which generated more than ten thousand media releases worldwide, reaching millions of people. Budapest and Hungary also have been positively referred to.

The Washington Post quoted bid chairman Balazs Furjes “The Games for one mid-sized global city is a Game for all mid-sized global cities, across the world,” the bid chairman said. “The Games in Budapest sends the message that the Olympic Games are not simply for the mega-city, but for mid-size cities, too.”

A New York Times included in its report that „Budapest, the only contender to have never hosted an Olympics before would open the way for middle-sized cities.”

Le Figaro, one of the most influential daily newspapers in France used the following title: ”Budapest would like to be an alternative for the biggest and the richest”. Libération also quoted Balazs Furjes and highlighted:”Budapest is the right city in the right time”. A L'Express mentioned Attila Mizsér, Hungary’s Olympic modern pentathlon gold medal champion and Director of Sport and Venues for the Budapest 2024 Bid, who said that Budapet would like to bring new impulse for the Olympic movement. L'Equipe, a sport daily added that Budapest was also represented by 4 current and a former sportsman, among them a Paralympian.

The BBC made on exclusive interview Furjes. "If you ask me is Budapest an outsider, my answer is pretty clear - no way," bid leader Balazs Furjes told the BBC. "If you ask me if Budapest is different - definitely. In this race for 2024, Budapest is the real alternative.

The British Daily Mail also called the attention to Budapest saying that it has to offer something different and that downtown of Budapest would have a crucial role in the event.

Marca, the most popular Spanish sport newspaper emphasized there would be only 12 minutes between the venues of the Olympic Games on average, and only 3 permanent buildings would be needed to build for the occasion.

Furjes also stated for Al-Jazeera that Antwerp, Helsinki, Stockholm and Barcelona managed to host remarkably successful Olympic Games, and it is time for the Committee of Olympic Games to turn back to its roots and to achieve this, Budapest would provide the real alternative.

The Gulf Times, the largest circulated English language paper in Qatar asked this question in its title:”Is there place for Budapest in 2024 Games bid race?”, then it also answers the it: „Budapest more than belongs in the 2024 bid race and there are a number of reasons why the city can win the campaign ".

A final choice will be made at the 2017 IOC Session in Lima.