Budapest hasn't seen this much real estate sales in 8 years


Transaction numbers on the Hungarian real estate market prove that the upward trend which began more than one and a half year ago holds: there haven't been this much closed deals on the market since 2008.

According to data collected by the Duna House network 10039 estates were successfully sold in December, which makes the total number of closed deals in the last year more than 135 thousand.

December was the third month in row in which the turnover of the market almost exactly matched the numbers of the same month a year earlier. The real estate agency network estimates that the last quarter of 2015 was only stronger than the last quarter of 2014 by 1 percent. This also means that seasonality seemingly had no say in the transaction numbers at the end of 2015.

Considering everything 2015 closed as a strong year, however failed to maintain the upswing of the market in the last few months.

All together there were more than 135 thousand transactions on the market, meaning that the turnover was 20% stronger than last year's. This means that 2015 has been the strongest year of the market ever since the financial crisis hit in 2008.



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