Budapest and Berlin for the Same Price?


At least as far as the rental prices are concerned - yes. The site called Statist surveys from time to time about what size of a home could be bought or rented for a given price in capitals and big cities. Recently rental rates have been deciphered and the assumed amount was set at $ 150 ($ 387,000). Interesting results turned out.

The most expensive city may not be surprisingly New York: in Manhattan, we could only rent a 26-square-meter apartment from the given amount of money. But London and Zurich are not much cheaper than Manhattan; in London we can get only a 28-square-meter apartment, and in Zurich a 29-square-meter apartment for $ 1,500. However, in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Singapore, Los Angeles and Stockholm, we do not even get 50 square meters or so. The first cities that cross this boundary are Tokyo and Sydney.


Source: Statista

In Western Europe, we can live in apartments of 60-80 square meters for this amount of rent, but Berlin still has a more favorable environment. Here you can rent up to 139 square meters for $ 1,500 a month. Although Budapest was not included in the survey, the Portfolio team was curious about how the Hungarian capital stands in the table. According to leading real estate portals, the average rent per square meter per month is around 2700 forints, so approximately a 143-square-meter apartment would be rentable from the amount studied. It is only a few square meters away from Berlin's prices, so it can be stated that the Budapest and Berlin prices were significantly closer to each other, which is a rather new situation.



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