2014 Will Be the Year of Rebirth in the 8th District


2014 will be the year of rebirth for the 8th district of Budapest: the reconstructions in process continue, some new are to be started, and some old are to be finished. The 3rd part of the renewal of Magdolna Quarter is also to be continued, and could be ready by the end of the year.

In Józsefváros 2014 will be the year of rebirth. Several new projects begin, the current ones continue, and some of them will be finished. The biggest investment of the district, the third part of the reconstruction of Magdolna Quarter is also to be finished this year. Within the confines of this project public spaces of a total of 57 thousand square meter and 1200 apartments will be renewed in the neighborhood of Kálvária tér, Teleki tér, Fiumei út and Dobozi utca.

A Community Park Is to Be Built

The district got a HUF 4-billion subsidy for the project in the confines of the New Széchenyi Plan. The reconstruction of the green area bordered by Fiumei út and Dobozi utca will cost HUF 220 million. The reconstruction of Kálvária tér costs HUF 200 million: the fountain, the street furniture and the green areas will be renewed and a new information spot created. A community park is to be built on Teleki tér; its plans were created with the cooperation of the citizens. The project will cost HUF 40 million: a new playground, a flower-garden, a resting area, a stage for concerts, a dog walking area and a memorial spot will be built. The latter will introduce the life of the eponym of the square, 1848 politician Count László Teleki and the history of the square. The safety of the square will be provided by a park-keeper.

A New Market Opens

Replacing the current Teleki tér market a new market hall will be built, which costs HUF 500 million; this will be ready by spring. The reconstruction of Palota Quarter also continues: the renewal of some parts of Somogyi Béla, Rökk Szilárd and Bródy Sándor utca and of 25 blocks of flats will cost HUF 317.5 million. Golgota and Horváth Mihály tér will be also reconstructed from HUF 65 and 130 million.



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