Lónyay utca Ref.: 493370 

Distrito 9 • 1 dormitorios • Tamaño: 100 m2


The apartment is 100 m2 and has been converted into two completely independent apartments with separate entrances.
The 2 apartments stayed for less than 1 hour.
Each apartment has a separate electricity meter.
We have 1 gas meter, but the two apartments, 2, can be regulated completely separately and were built on a separate metered system.
We have 1 main water meter, but the two apartments operate from separate sub-meters, within which we also separated the cold/hot water consumption measurement, so we have 4 water sub-meters, 2 per apartment.

The technical and aesthetic condition of the apartment is completely new. Every time there is a change of tenant, a professional cleaning company cleans, we do clean painting, and the technical preservation and maintenance is continuous.

Both apartments were rented long-term from the beginning, even during covid.
We offer it with well-paying, reliable tenants, with a live, thorough, bilingual rental contract, fully furnished.

In case of purchase: We provide professional pictures essential for renting, professional and detailed, bilingual rental contracts written and developed for this apartment by a law firm, the best descriptions for renting in two languages, as well as all contacts who can help with the issue/maintenance.

The location is brilliant. Within walking distance are the Soroksári út office corridor, the Semmelweis and Corvinus universities with many foreign students, the Info Park is 1 stop away, and the proximity of more important places could be listed, but our tenants have almost always come to work/study in the aforementioned institutions.

The condominium has an elevator, is well maintained, and is constantly being renovated. All utilities are in order, the roof and shell were completely replaced in 2022.

Short-term real estate rental is prohibited in the house, but for this reason it is better to let it out for the long term. It was already prohibited when we remodeled, which is why we bought the apartment here.

  • Distrito: 9
  • Dormitorios: 1
  • Tamaño: 100 m2
  • Piso: 4
  • Aparcamiento: No
  • Vista: Patio
  • Amueblado: No
  • Ascensor:
  • Aire acondicionado:
  • Precio de venta:
  • 149.000.000 HUF
  • 384.020 EUR
  • Contáctenos:
  • +36204968545

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