Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út Ref.: 55654 

Distrito 5 • 2 dormitorios • Tamaño: 106 m2


The Fifth District, one of the most frequented and constantly developing parts of the area. We offer for rent a 106 m2 modern luxury apartment, built with the use of well-proven technologies and a truly high-quality and environmentally conscious home. One of the special features of the apartment is the individually designed space plastics that combine with LED lighting to make the apartment really impressive. Such high-tech shapes, structures, such as the 3d glass-gypsum plasterboard at the front of the bar counter, or a similarly special solution, the floor-running LED strip, and the imposing plasterboard ceiling. In each room, we used the Belgian Hookedonwalls wallpaper, which resulted in special wall surfaces. The apartment has a Finnish sauna for 4 people. All rooms are equipped with remote controlled shutter, air conditioning, floor and wall heating, and 5.1 home theater system. During the renovation, the preservation of the material was important and the future cost-effective operation, for which we made washable surfaces everywhere, so the wallpaper and walls can be washed.

  • Distrito: 5
  • Dormitorios: 2
  • Tamaño: 106 m2
  • Piso: 4
  • Aparcamiento: No
  • Vista: Calle
  • Amueblado:
  • Ascensor:
  • Aire acondicionado:
  • Precio de alquiler:
  • 708.000 HUF
  • 2.000 EUR
  • Contáctenos:
  • +3613540980

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