District 1 • 4 bedrooms • Size: 255 m2


Available for rent in the 1st district, in Tárnok street, the beautiful 255 m2 luxury apartment PRESTIGE CASTLE.

Distribution: 3 floors, 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 3, 5 bathrooms, terrace.

One of special features in this apartment is a window-wall that separates the living rooms from the bedroom, this can be opened or closed by hand or fogged or cleared by pressing a button. There are two living rooms located on two floors, a fully-equipped kitchen, and laundry room, and bathrooms with showers on each floor. In the wine fridge which is located in the kitchen, some specialty Hungarian wines can be found from different regions around the country. The balcony which opens on form the first floor gives a panorama to the Danube river, the Hungarian Parliament and Pest side of the capital.

The newest, most modern wall heating and cooling system is found in our Prestige Castle Apartment. The temperature of the water that circulates in the pipes in the wall, is easily adjustable by the thermostats thus increasing or decreasing the temperature in the apartment. Also, there are two separate units of air conditioners located on the first and third floors in the apartment. A total of 7 TVs are found throughout the apartment, and it has its own WiFi network that is complimentary for our guests. The Prestige Castle apartment is the only apartment that has 2 separate balconies, one looking to the Danube and Parliament and the other is looking to the inside garden.

  • District: 1
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Size: 255 m2
  • Floor: Ground
  • Parking: No
  • View: River Danube
  • Furnished: Yes
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Air conditioned Yes
  • Rental fee:
  • 5.279.000 HUF
  • 13.500 EUR
  • Contact Us:
  • +3613540980

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السعر باليورو تقريبي وتم احتسابه بمعدل 1 يورو = 391 فورنت هنغاري
الصور تمثيلية، وأي وصف يتم تقديمه أو الإشارة إليه في هذا الموقع يخضع للإتاحة، ولا تمثل عرضًا وقد يتم سحبها أو تعديلها بواسطة شركة تاور إنترناشيونال (Tower International Kft). (أو بواسطة مسؤول التشغيل) في أي وقت.