Székely Mihály utca Ref.: 969054 

Район 6 • студия • Размер: 32 m2


We offer for sale a friendly apartment in the quiet Székely Mihály utca in the 6th district, between Andrássy and Király utca.

The property is owned by 1/1, 32 sqm + 18 sqm gallery, where there are 2 rooms and the ceiling height is 1.85. One functions as a bedroom, while the other is suitable for storage or a smaller room. The building is currently under renovation. Roof construction is underway, and an elevator will be added, all of which increase the value of the property.

The common costs and utilities are low, roughly HUF 20,000/month. Hot water is provided by an electric boiler. The apartment is heated with an electric heating panel.

Its location is excellent. In addition to being located in the heart of the city center, it is extremely quiet, no noise filters through.

Very suitable for investment. Recently, a long-term tenant lived in the house, Airbnb is allowed in the house.

  • Район: 6
  • студия
  • Размер: 32 m2
  • Этаж: 2
  • Парковка: No
  • Вид: во двор
  • С мебелью: Нет
  • Лифт: Нет
  • Наличие кондиционера: Нет
  • Цена продажи:
  • 46.000.000 HUF
  • 120.730 EUR
  • Контактная информация:
  • Viktor Dorning
  • Viktor Dorning
  • +36 20 287 7820

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