Rózsadomb Ref.: 135436 

Район 2 • 3 Спальни • Размер: 98 m2


Apartment in Rózsadomb, with a full panorama of the Parliament, the Danube bridges, the Castle and Gellért Hill!
The partially attic apartment, completely renovated five years ago, is located on the third floor of a seven-apartment apartment building.
There is no elevator in the house.
The center of the apartment is the 45 sqm living room and dining room, which leads to three bedrooms.
From here, we can also exit to the 15 square meter, super-panoramic, intimate terrace.
You can also enjoy the wonderful city panorama from the windows of the master bedroom, the guest toilet and the bathroom.
The kitchen is modern, equipped with built-in Whirlpool machines, from here we can access a small pantry and the laundry room.
Heating and hot water are provided by a gas boiler.
Thanks to the apartment's southeast location and full exposure to sunlight, the monthly heating bill is extremely low.
The apartment includes a two-bay indoor garage and a separate lockable storage room, which must be purchased (17m HUF + 3m HUF).
The house has a nice common use garden.

  • Район: 2
  • Спальни: 3
  • Размер: 98 m2
  • Этаж: 3
  • Парковка: No
  • Вид: Панорамный вид
  • С мебелью: Нет
  • Лифт: Нет
  • Наличие кондиционера: Да
  • Цена продажи:
  • 259.000.000 HUF
  • 679.790 EUR
  • Контактная информация:
  • Viktor Dorning
  • Viktor Dorning
  • +36 20 287 7820

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