Property for office use close to Újbuda Központ Ref.: 548490 

Район 11 • студия • Размер: 62 m2


Property is available for rent in Petzvál József street expressly for office use.

The property is located on the ground floor in a renovated building(outter frontage being isolated and painted), just from minutes from the Újbuda Központ, and BIkás Park in the heart of the 11 district.

This aparmtent's window face to the building's garden, and has got 2 separate room, a separate kitchen, two small storage room, a toilet room and a bathroom with shower. The property also has a balcony. It equipp by AC, fridge, and security alarm system. It also consist optical wires for the wireless internet in every place in the walls.

Parking is available on the street for free, but there is possibilty to rent garage for 20 000 HUF.

The price is already include the total amount (owner able to give invoice.)

  • Район: 11
  • студия
  • Размер: 62 m2
  • Этаж: Ground floor
  • Парковка: Нет
  • Вид: на сад
  • С мебелью: Нет
  • Лифт: Нет
  • Наличие кондиционера: Нет
  • Арендная плата:
  • 220.000 HUF
  • 650 EUR
  • Контактная информация:
  • +36 1 354 0980

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