The high tech House Ref.: 15478 

District 13 • 1 bedrooms • Size: 100 m2


WOW! The property features 27 cutting-edge technology solutions, for instance, the shower can be activated via voice commands. This means you have the perfect shower from the first moment, no need to adjust the levers.

Despite its central location, this house is surrounded by green vegetation, so that the noise of the outer world is almost completely cut off. You will be relaxed and ready for your busy day - every morning.

The unit is physically detached, surrounded by an 80 sqm private garden. The house has a footprint of 52 sqm that adds up to approximately 100 sqm net internal area. Enough space for a couple or a small family.

THE HOUSE has a 5 meters height living room with a 4 meters wide opening towards the garden and an open space kitchen with digital equipment. The bathroom has a 1,7 sqm shower with two shower heads, both operated via voice or mobile application. There is also a hot tube in the bathroom and two designer sinks with faucets. There are a toilet, a bidet and a small basin in a separate room. On the upper floor, there is a 25 sqm bedroom with a king-size bed. There is a restroom on the upper level as well. The upper floor is covered with thick American carpet. The living room and the bathroom has a state of the art synthetic vinyl flooring.

SMART DESIGN - The house is equipped with the latest technology throughout. It is a smart home with several connected devices and enhanced security. The central unit of the smart home is a Fibaro Hub. You can check, for example, if the lights are turned off.

CONNECTED SHOWER - The lower bathroom has Moen connected showers. Moen has transformed the traditional shower to create a personalized showering experience. Now with three ways to control your shower: voice, phone, and controller. No more waiting for the water to warm up.

SMART WINDOWS - Two of the windows are equipped with the cutting-edge polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal film, allowing you to make the window transparent or opaque at a push of a button or automatically, based on light conditions. Nobody can peep in the windows if you want full privacy. Silent extractor fans with humidity monitoring, keeping the air quality constantly on an optimal level. Motorized windows, so if a thunderstorm comes by surprise, the smart home controller will shut the windows, no matter where you are and what you do.

All kitchen appliances are made by German manufacturer Bosch. Designer faucets from the USA. The alarm system is directly connected to the remote surveillance provider. A built-in digital safe, so the most precious valuables are protected, even if you are away.

PRIVATE PARKING with preinstalled Type 1 and Type 2 electric car charger.

JACUZZI POOL - 3 meters long and 2 meters wide jacuzzi pool with water fountain, hidden in a cozy corner of the garden.

LITRACON® TRANSPARENT CONCRETE - The house features the patent-protected Litracon® transparent concrete.

INTEGRATED FLOOR HEATING - In every room of the house there is floor heating, divided into six heating zones, allowing the users to individually fine-tune the temperature characteristics of each room. Even some of the window frames are heated.

WALK-IN WARDROBE AND SAFE ROOM - There is a 20 sqm walk-in wardrobe beneath the living room, accessible via a motorized trap door. This room doubles as a safe room, as it is surrounded by massive iron concrete (to the depth of 6 meters), has ventilation and complete liquid isolation. It can be equipped with bunk beds and other accessories.

NFC DOOR LOCK WITH BANK LEVEL SECURITY - 128-bit encrypted Near Field Communication equipped locks. No need to have keys, your phone will be the security lock for your door.

NEST THERMOSTAT - Intelligent, adaptive, learning thermostat from Nest, automatically adjusting heating and cooling based on your needs and geographical location.

AMAZON ALEXA - The house comes with two Amazon Alexas and several features, integrated with them. Control your windows, lights, shades, security, music and even shower with your voice.

CANARY CAMERA SYSTEM - Five weatherproof, night vision, HD cameras come with the house with premium subscription, a built-in 90 dB siren, and air quality monitoring. There was no such detached house available in Újlipótváros until now. You have a chance to find your dream property in the most charming area of Budapest, just a few steps away from the river Danube.

  • District: 13
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Size: 100 m2
  • Floor:
  • Garage: No
  • Parking place: Yes
  • View: Street
  • Furnished: Yes
  • Elevator: No
  • Air conditioned: Yes
  • Pet Friendly: No
  • Available Only for Long Term Monthly Rental Fee:
  • 863.000 HUF
  • 2.500 EUR

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