Major Reconstruction in the Heart of Budapest Started


The Municipality of the City Center pays special attention in making the public areas more livable, as part of this the reconstruction works of Vörösmarty Square and Podmaniczky Square began on January 7, 2019 with the investment of district V. and the support of the Government and the Municipality of Budapest.

Within the framework of the investment on Vörösmarty Square, one of the largest public areas of the City will be rebuilt from wall to wall, and the small streets will be renewed, including the section between Deák Ferenc Street - Bécsi Street and Apáczai Csere János Street, and the section between Vigadó Street and Harmincad Street - Erzsébet Square - Vörösmarty Square.

The Vörösmarty statue group, formerly protected by monument protection, will be developed into an environment worthy of its status. The 30 years old concrete pavement will be replaced with high quality, unique designed and natural stone tiles: andesite, various granite and limestone. On the square, the green space grows by 7 percent, within which the number of trees in the square will be seven more, and in the connecting streets eight more. Integrated seating will be created around the new green surface.

The Oroszlános kút (Lion Well) will be relocated, thus becoming the central element of the independent spatial part that emerges from the connection of Harmincad Street and Vörösmarty Square.

The new public and decorative lighting system will replace the old one and the street furniture and road accessories will be modernized as well. Vörösmarty Square receives a much more organized event and terrace facade than it is today, which is being developed by the Municipality during the renovation of the receiving structures of shading systems with unified appearance and the necessary electrical connections hidden in the enclosure.




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