It is Worthy to Upgrade the Furniture in Your Apartment in Budapest


It can be a good investment if the apartment for sale or to let gets a little update. Furniture that is not expensive, but still appealing, can increase the rent by a few hundred euros, so it is worth looking at the furniture stores before starting to sell or let out your apartment.

September is a significant month for many people, as well as on the real estate market. Dávid Valkó, the analyst at Otp Real Estate, draws attention to the fact that in the early weeks of fall there is an increase in advertisements that emphasizes mainly the proximity of universities. However, not only can the location increase significantly on prices, but also a high-end design or a beautiful interior design can count on a lot. Zsolt Pavelka, Lettings Manager of Tower has the similar optinion that furniture and property condition are important factors influencing greatly the potential maximum rental fee as he explained in a recent interview. This is why more and more people are turning to furniture stores in this particular period.

Furniture Store's Experinence of the Peak Season

“In August, home furnishing stores are much busier than in the previous seven months of the year. Growth is mainly typical of the bedroom section”, tells the KIKA furnishing store chain. Tenants and landlords spend more on furniture in those months, but it is obvious that a furnished apartment finds its new tenant much faster than any other empty companion. It is therefore a good investment to spend on furniture, as small expense can significantly increase the amount of requested rent.

"Mostly, people look for simpler, lower-cost products. Our "Super Price" products are highly sought after because of their high value-for-money ratio, most of which are under 30 euros, ranging from different textiles to tableware and storage boxes" added the store chain.

You Might Even Triple the Rent

You may reach even 35% growth in rental value of a property with some investment. In our recent case study we showed the figures of the upgrade of a 2 bedroom, downtown property. With a bigger renovation you can even triple the rent of an apartment as we have done in a recent refurbishment project. The competition is very intense in a particular segment of the rental market in Budapest and the condition of the furniture can be a key factor when the tenant has to choose from three or more similar opportunities.


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