Extremely Expensive Apartment Prices in Budapest


In Budapest, renting a flat is not particularly difficult. Renting a flat at a good price is even harder. One of the latest surveys shows that the suburban prices range from 390 € to 625 €. The rental fees vary by size and location – a short summary of the current prices.

The monthly rent for new suites is 390 € on average, the two-roomed apartments are 525 €, and the average monthly rent for three-room apartments can exceed 625 €.

As for differences by districts, the highest monthly rent for the most popular category, the two-bedroom apartments are on Nagykörút and the Marina Part in the 13th district. This means an average of 525 €. At another part of District 13., in Angyalföld the average monthly rental fee is 400 €. Thus, apartment prices change according to territorial differences.

District 5. is still the most expensive district, where the rent of one-bedroom apartments may even reach the 625 € monthly amount.

Source: www.portfolio.hu


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