Oltvány Street Ref.: 964919 

District 11 • 3 bedrooms • Size: 136 m2


We offer for sale a modern luxuy apartment with panoramic view, which will be finished in the 3rd quarter of 2020. It has 2 levels and a giant garden, the whole site is 1855 m2. The condominium contains 4 apartments. The building is equipped with elevetor, solar panels, own heat pump, ceiling cooling, floor heating with really good insulation and motorized shutters.

Grage: 2 parking lots (28 m2) with electronic charge opportunity. (+5 million HUF each.)

Storage: 8 m2 (not included in the price)

In this year you can redo the layout of the apartment.

  • District: 11
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Size: 136 m2
  • Floor: 2
  • Parking: Yes
  • View: Panoramic
  • Furnished: No
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Air conditioned Yes
  • Sales price:
  • 187.950.000 HUF
  • 526.470 EUR
  • Contact Us:
  • +36204968545

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